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Super eco badge holder 6x9

Semi-rigid high traffic badge holder is ideal for long life and durability.


SKU: PC-0500-ECO

Categoría: Accesorios


The high traffic semi-rigid badge holder is the ideal choice to guarantee long life and durability for your and useful life for your credentials. Thanks to its NSR system, the plastic is flexible, which prevents flexibility, which prevents early breakage and ensures guaranteed durability. With dimensions of 6x9, this badge holder is the perfect solution for high-traffic environments where strength and reliability are where strength and reliability are required. If you are interested in purchasing this product wholesale.

Identity and belonging
Office security.
More agile identification.
Greater control.


Product Image
Dimensions:.2 × 6 × 9 cm
Printing:no printing
Measurements:9.7cm x 5.8cm
Express delivery:Contact seller

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